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Historians agree that vines were brought to Provence at the beginning of the Sixth Century BC, which demonstrates quite clearly that the land was destined to become a centre of winemaking!

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    This 39-hectare property is located just outside Aix-en-Provence, near the town of Châteauneuf-Le-Rouge. It is the site of a magnificent 18th Century château dominating the plains of Cengle.
    Pope Pius VII slept twice in this château. There is a plate in the heart of the chapel, bearing the Holy Pontiff’s coat-of-arms which mentions the dates: 5th August 1809 and 7th February 1814.

    The climate of Provence benefits from high annual levels of sunshine, but the winds and microclimates and the variations in the terrain diminish the excessive exposure to sunlight. The vines are generally trellised and trained to resist the onslaughts of the Mistral winds and to absorb as much light as possible.

    Run by Fabrice Arcari since 2006, the property, certified organic since the 2014 vintage, is located on bauxite-rich clay and sand red soil. The name of the town and the surrounding area, Châteauneuf-Le-Rouge, refers to the red soil of the land. The property grows syrah, grenache, cinsault, cabernet, rolle and viognier.