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Reine Pédauque

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    When – almost as a joke – he bought the Rôtisserie de la Reine Pédauque, a favourite restaurant with artists and writers of the time in 1936, the new owner had the wonderful idea of launching his own wine under the Reine Pédauque brand.

    A few decades later, this brand had gained high renown and international standing. It has always remained true to its values of yesteryear: authenticity, conviviality, accessibility and legitimacy!
    Legitimacy, because Reine Pédauque is the queen of Burgundy!
    According a tale, she was the founding mother of Burgundy; according to legend, she was the mother of Charlemagne – the monarch who gave his name to the most prestigious white wine from Corton hill, famous "Corton-Charlemagne".

  • Know-how Ouvrir

    To make a great wine you need great grapes. These are ensured through stringent requirement specifica-tions in both follow through and quality. Reine Pédauque promotes integrated vine tending, controlled yields and manual harvesting. The way each cuvée is crafted is unique, depending on the vines, the vintage and the terroir. Reine Pédauque is first and foremost a story of people with passion.

  • Tasting Ouvrir

    Burgundy’s personality comes through in every one of the bottles carrying the Reine Pédauque seal. The whites are fresh and luminous in their golden robes, singing of Chardonnay’s fruit. The reds are the incarnation of Pinot Noir and focus on intense colour, reflecting the fruit that gives them life.

    From the youth of a supple, easy wine to the balance and length of a cellaring wine, the Reine Pédauque range shows what great taste there is in her kingdom.