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Pierre André

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    Pierre André! The name alone is a call to the most refined palates and brings the greatest Burgundian appellations to mind. It is in the heart of Côte de Beaune, and more specifically on the lands of Corton that this brand had its advent.
    Behind all this was the admiration of one man for a place: Corton hill.
    Born in 1895, in Nancy, Pierre André took part in the most significant battles of the First World War (Verdun, Somme). From those difficult years he retained a sense of duty, friendship and solidarity. In 1923, he created a wine brokerage company in Paris and bought a château in Aloxe-Corton by telegram without having visited it in 1923. This was a turning point, marking his true entry into the world of Burgundian wines.
    He revolutionized Burgundy with his new ideas, his dynamism and his inborn flair for commerce.
    Today, Pierre André wines are to be found in the great French restaurants, in airlines and throughout the world; from Mexico to Japan, via Brazil, Canada, Europe, Russia and China etc.

  • Know-how Ouvrir

    The efforts made by Pierre André over the last few years have converged to meet the company’s ultimate aim: excellence. This aim is respected at each of the different stages in crafting wine.
    Firstly, you can’t have a great wine without impeccable raw material.
    In the vines, we choose prevention over a cure to limit the use of plant health products. Each vineyard is tended following a strict set of eco-friendly, integrated specifications. The harvest date is fixed for when the grapes have reached peak physiological and phenolic ripeness.

    During vinification, the grapes from each individual plot are kept together and given meticulous care. The use of pneumatic presses mean that the grapes are worked gently.
    Press and run-off juices are kept separate until the end of maturing. So that fermentation can be managed under the best possible conditions the vats are thermo-regulated.
    During maturing, the wine is regularly analysed and tasted to determine optimum maturing and to give the go-ahead for bottling. Maturing lasts 12 to 18 months.
    Diligence and close attention to detail allow our Burgundian terroirs to express themselves to the full.

  • Tasting Ouvrir

    Pierre André red wines are superbly concentrated and display distinct, fresh red fruit aromas.
    Fleshy with discrete and supple tannins, over time they will develop deeper notes of musk, spice and candied fruit.

    Our white wines are a wonderful expression of Burgundy Chardonnay – full and round on the palate with beautifully complex bouquets of fruit, white flowers and spices. They have a perfect balance of fresh acidity and richness.