Béjot vins & terroirs


We work on our vines with care,
solidly committed to our terroirs

BEJOT vins & terroirs currently cultivates 200ha of vineyards in Burgundy, from Chablis to the Mâconnais, and we also have 320ha in Southern France, from Côtes-du-Rhône to Corbières. Continue reading

In our quest to produce quality wines and in our desire to express the finest features of our terroirs, we believe that the production of fine wines can only be achieved if one respects the balance between the soil and the plant, enabling every one of our harvests to achieve its highest potential.

Under the supervision of Jacques Briday, Executive Property Manager, a fervent practitioner of sustainable grape growing, 60 workers in our vineyards apply his principles. They all share the same conviction: the authenticity of each terroir can only be expressed if one respects the natural environment.

In Southern France, our properties are all organically certified or are in the process of being converted under the supervision of organic certification authorities.
Organic farming eliminates the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and uses only natural products. Fertility is achieved by maintaining active organic elements in the soil and improving the land through proper management and the addition of organic matter. Vineyards are also left to natural grassing, whenever possible. Elimination of plant diseases and pests is done through careful observation of plant life and preventive measures, while weeding is done by working the soil manually.

For each property, we cultivate only those grape varieties which are best suited to the nature of the terroir. We are inspired by local winemaking traditions to produce typical and authentic wines.