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Our HR policy is based on a balance between the Group’s need for competencies and skills and the career goals of its staff so that each employee can achieve his or her goals, in line with the company’s values. Continue reading

Politique RH Bejot

  • Available positions and applicants’ profiles Ouvrir

    Within the Group, there are four major career categories:

    - Work focused on cultivation of the vineyards:
    This activity concerns all the crafts involved in working the vines, from the preparation of the soil to planting, pruning, maintenance of plant health and harvesting. All our vineyard workers, whether they are labourers, machine operators, team managers or cultivators, need to have effective knowledge of the terroir and real expertise. While initial training and educational credentials are important, we are particularly interested in recruiting people who have experience in the various positions we offer, although we do hire beginners who want to work as vineyard labourers.

    - The transformation of grapes into wine:
    This activity requires previous knowledge and experience in winemaking. Oenologists or cellar managers and workers are recruited on the basis of their degrees, in particular for oenologists (a DNO or equivalent is a pre-requisite). People with previous experience will be given priority for management positions.

    For bottling and packaging, there are positions for beginners with technical training in industrial maintenance or the operation of automation systems.

    - Sales:
    We have a sales force that works in domestic and export markets. For these positions, we consider beginners who have worked as interns or trainees in our sector. The following profiles are given priority: people with training in commercialising wine or who have training in grape growing or winemaking and who have sales skills. For work in the export department, fluency in one or more foreign languages is a must. What makes the difference between candidates? Their personal skills and their attitude. We are looking for people who want to commit to a career, who have a positive attitude and a desire to succeed and, of course, who are passionate about the wine trade.

    - Administrative and technical support:
    In the three areas mentioned above, there is a need for the traditional support services of any company: accounting, IT, sales administration, human resources, maintenance, etc. For these positions, we give priority to people who have the required training, but who also have experience in a business sector (not necessarily in the wine trade).

  • Recruitment process Ouvrir

    1- Applications
    To apply for a position, candidates should respond to a position or internship on offer or send an application if they believe they have skills that could interest the company. Applications should preferably sent by e-mail. All our positions are open to disabled people.

    2- Pre-selection by telephone
    If your CV corresponds to one of our needs, you will be contacted directly by our Human Resources Department. This phone call will allow us to assess if your profile is in line with the position on offer.

    3- Operational interview
    You will then meet the person you would potentially report to. A person from Human Resources may attend the meeting. The purpose of this meeting is for the person you would potentially work with to assess whether your technical skills are adequate for the position and to determine if your competencies would fit into the existing team.

    4- Recruitment decision
    The recruitment decision is made by the person you would report to and the HR Department. The following step is to make an offer to the potential employee.

    5- Integration
    Congratulations, you have successfully gone through all the stages and your induction can begin!

  • Induction / In-house training Ouvrir

    When you join the company, you will begin by getting to know your Department.

    We will then familiarise you with the structure of the entire Group.

    You will also be given in-house training, which will be customised to your needs or to the amount of experience you have acquired in your position.

    We regularly organise interviews to ensure that you have been properly integrated into the company and to respond to any request or needs you may have.

  • Compensation and benefits Ouvrir

    We have two essential objectives in our compensation and benefits offer: to ensure that your individual performance is rewarded properly and to allow you to benefit from the success of the Group.

    Our compensation and benefits policy is based on:
    - A double objective: to be attractive for you and sustainable for us.
    - A working principle: recognition of both individual and collective performance.
    - A commitment: to assess your overall compensation and benefits package every year.