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Burgundy 2014, heat and drought for a promising vintage!

An exceptional quality with low yields
The grape harvest began in Burgundy on this sunny end of summer… Here are the landmarks of this new vintage…

An explosive bud-break
Thanks to the sudden temperature rise from April 5th, the vegetative cycle started on an intensive rhythm. The first green tips are observed from April 8th in some premature Chardonnay plots. Mid-bud-break happened just a few days after. This bud-break timing is very close to 2009.

A premature and fast flowering!
Just like the bud-break, the rise in temperature at the end of May allowed the blooming to begin from the first days of June. Thanks to the very sunny weather, the flowering was over after a few days only. Mid-flowering stage was close to the ones in 2000, 2009 and 2014. The highlight of this year definitely is the speed of the flower stage.

A warm and dry summer
A very hot summer weather began in June, then turned into a heat wave in July. The drought that followed eventually stopped the vine growth. The vines put itself into a “survival mode”. However the advance was taken and the changing of color began in the middle of July.
The August rains gave back some strength to the vines which started up again with renewed vigor. The maturation then moved forward well.
One of the peculiarities of this vintage is the small quantity of malic acid, because of the strong hot season. It will have no incidence on the quality of the wine, because the malic acid disappears during the second fermentation.
When we taste the berries today, we notice a beautiful content in sugar and a low acidity: we have reached the optimal ripeness for the grape harvest.

Pinot Noir + Chardonnay web def

2015 trend…
The sanitary situation is exceptionally sound in the vineyard. The weather forecasts are good: the grape harvest begin auspiciously. In a general way, the berries are small because of the drought. Some Pinot Noir vines, on certain plots, bear very few grapes. The potential of yield for 2015 is relatively low. 2015 is a premature vintage close to 2011 as far as the berry composition is concerned (with a lower acidity though) and as far as the harvest timing is concerned. BEJOT vins & terroirs is impatient to present you this 2015 vintage which is extremely promising.

Focus on Beaujolais: a precious harvest
The trend in Beaujolais is very close to Burgundy. The vines followed an early vegetative cycle, which has been slowed down by a stronger heat wave than Burgundy.  The harvest in Beaujolais should be particularly low this year. However, it is very promising: the maturity is optimal with flavors and remarkable color index. The harvest will be all the more precious…

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